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3A inner door mechanism

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Hi Guys (& gals), attached is a photo of all I have left of the inner door mech. I assume that I am missing some kind of teardrop shaped piece that fits the hole in the remaining lever but I cannot find any picture or reference in Moss etc. Handles are there with the shaft but don`t show any of the inner parts. If anyone can supply a pic of a complete mech for my reference I would be grateful. 


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As I thought. Bet this is one of those parts you can`t buy new. Might have to make it and file the square hole.

Thanks guys.

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Evening Ralph.

Referring to the above, with regret, I can't help with an original teardrop square, I only have an original one used as a permanent reference, for jig building my copies.

If you get stuck, please contact me and I will supply you with a set for one door. Due to the small numbers they are made up on an individual basis, so you will need to give me a couple of days. The cost is £30 plus postage.

Regards Russell.  PS.   worth a look at Stoneliegh?



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Thanks for the reply Russell, I was going to come to Stoneleigh but changed my mind due to the weather forecast. I hope those brave souls that do go today get back home safely. I will have a look at the other spare door in the back of the shed and see if there is anything left on it, if not I will be in touch for some of your re-pro items.

Many thanks, Ralph.

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