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Head Thickness

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Can anyone help me with "A" standard CP head thickness and "B" what thickness or what is removed for raising the comp. ratio to say 10.5 to 1

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Since you have no idea of what skims have been done already, or of work inside the chambers, basing a CR increase on head thickness has to be a guesstimate.    If you're raising it from 7.5 to 9, no problem, but if you're looking to raise it to the max, about 10.5, then danger!

"Buretting" your chambers will not only give you an accurate measure of the CR, and let you calculate the precise skim required for any increase, it will show you if the chambers are all the same size, which they should be, +/- 0.5mls.

I would suggest that you read my article from TRaction - but I can't find it!  Nor will this site let me search for it in the back numbers list, so I'll offer you this link to a version that appears on the Sideways Technology site:   http://sideways-technologies.co.uk/forums/index.php?/topic/7551-how-to-raise-the-compression-ratio-safely-and-effectively/


PS Found it!  TRaction Issue 282 - May 2015, Page 36 "Raising the Compression ration - How to do so safely and effectively by measurement and calculation".

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