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Making a purchase from the TR Register Shop website I arrived at the payment page with a mandatory tick box to agree to the terms and conditions. I wondered what these were but there is no link to the aforesaid Terms and conditions as is the practice on every other website I visit. I would there for suppose then that there are no terms and conditions., so why have a tick box?


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Hi Alan,

The terms and conditions are here: https://www.tr-registershop.co.uk/terms.asp and are found at the foot of the page.

Sounds like that could be made more clear. It is Jo Whitty, the TR Register office manager who runs the shop rather than anyone on the Forum so that is where your answer will come from. 

Luckily I spotted this and I'll raise this with Jo for you but in future please raise any queries with her directly. Details on the contact page of the website. 




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