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Problem with new external door weatherstrip/seal part 850325

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Hi all

I've just replaced the window channels and the inner & outer weatherstrips/seals on my driver's side door. Both seals went on & fitted OK first time (thanks to all the helpful advice I found in previous forum posts on the subject), but the rubber external one is much more flexible than the one I replaced - initially I thought this would help with sealing against the window, but it is so flexible that it just curls in when I lower the window! Hopefully the pictures make it clear what is happening.  Has anyone else experienced this and got any suggestions to fix it, or suggestions of a source of better/stiffer new external seals - or do they all come from the same place nowadays? The new seals came from Moss and I will go in to see them at some point to see what they think as well.

Thanks in advance.




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Well I've tried meths & talcum powder, also Autoglym vinyl & rubber cleaner - no success, so I've refitted the old seal! Will see if the new ones harden up sitting on the shelf, or maybe try the NOS ones Revington sell at some point.



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Maybe the seals from The Roadster Factory are better than anyone else's as they had them made rather than getting them from where all the other suppliers get them from. Here's a link to the ones Trf sell on their site--I have had other parts from them with no issues at all:




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