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.....after 33 yrs of hibernation

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.....I have purchased this project, which my brother -in-law started in 1986.

Tr4a RLE761E originally White, then Dark Blue. 

He bought the car when a junior doctor in London in the mid 80’s and used it as his everyday vehicle for a while. Stripping it for a rebuild in 86 but  never finding the time to complete it.

Time hasn’t been kind to the completely rebuilt chassis and running gear or the rebuilt Engine and gearbox.

New panels..........well they were new. No idea what make but bought in the early 80’s. Spent a few hrs uncovering what’s there today, it’s going to be a challenge.

Anyone recognise the marquetry, must be unique!








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Well done Iain, I figured it was only a matter of time!

Let me know if you need a hand with anything...


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Good luck with it, at least you may have some chance of some of those panels bought at that time of being either Stanpart or first generation copies that were better than a lot of the subsequent repros. You know where I am if you get stuck.


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When I purchased my barn stored  TR4 it came with a set of replacement panels all date stamped 1988.

They were an excellent fit making my inner tub rebuild a lot easier than current panels from what I have read. Hopefully you will find the same.



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