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Anyone know any of the following nerdy details?

A LHD 1953 TR2.

Dipswitch bracket. Body colour or ?

Wiper motor bracket.Body colour or?

Bonnet prop and safety catch including alloy hook.Body colour or ?

What is the purpose of the 2 small square holes on the flat surface of the

bulkhead either side of the master cylinder (and there's another between

the starter solenoid and battery tray.I assume they take a clip nut or some such,

but for what?

Thank you for any educated guesses.

Roger M-E


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Dipswitch bracket black

Wiper motor bracket body colour

Bonnet prop and safety hook (safety hook faces the opposite way to later cars) body colour

Square holes next to master one is used for the oil pressure pipe clip any others normally blanked with slightly raised rubber grommets unless they were in use in which case they had a square spring clip inserted.


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Thanks Stuart,

I suspected as much from the various online photos.

Using logic, I have mine the other way around of course,

especially the wiper bracket (black!), as it's not possible to fit the

wiper attachment screws to the bracket without it's removal!

The dip switch bracket (Ice Blue!) because you CAN fit the switch

with the bracket in situ!

Out with the mini spray again!


Roger M-E


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Another nerdy question I'm afraid.

TR2 and 3 front sidelights  have always appeared to be either Lucas

488 on the earlier cars or 594 on the later cars, and this seems borne out by period photos.

Why then does the ST parts book have a beautifully drawn picture of Lucas L489, as fitted to early

Morris Minors and loads of other British cars of the late 40s onwards, which are quite different, or were the early

(here we go again!) TR2s fitted with them, to be replaced later due to wear and tear?

I'd be keen to know, as I'd like to get it right before I complete the wiring on my car.

Roger M-E

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Just looking in my original 20 TR2 3 & 3A models parts book yes the picture does not look quite right (the glass lens is the wrong shape) yes L489 style.

but L488 (early), & L594 (late) is definately correct for sidecreen cars


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Unless you are a stickler for originality, I would fit the later L594 lamps, as they give much better sideways visibility.

(And of course I would also recommend the fitting of LED bulbs (mine for the rear, & ones I recommend for the front.)


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10 hours ago, 2long said:

And I think frosted glass for the L488 is what is correct for early cars.



It is frosted on early ones yes up to TS17340 but it is also shown as alternate and vice versa to clear. As to the incorrect illustration in the parts book, it doesnt surprise really


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