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Steven McCarthy


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I am considering purchasing a TR6 that has been converted to EFI from Megasquirt and would be interested in any body with experience and comments on the following;

Is it a reliable system

Can it be tuned easily 

Are professional garages out there Kent area who can tune this system

Please forward any other comments you may consider useful

Thank you for your help

Kind Regards

Steve McC.




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Hi Steve,

I have no experience with Megasquirt, but do have an EFI TR6, but with Emerald kit fitted. Done around 10,000 miles so far, and very reliable, with no issue.


There maybe other people on here that will comment on Megasquirt.





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I have 3 engines running on megasquirt, two Stag engines and a Rover V8. Once they are set up properly they don't need to be touched again unless you alter the mechanical parts of the engine or exhaust system.

The only time I have had problems was when on one of the cars the the 1980s throttle potentiometer started to give problems and I was able to swap it for another I had in stock.

The most difficult part of setting up is the cold start, so if it starts ok then an hour or two on a rolling road will get a full fuel and ignition map done. I went megasquirt because I knew that if I managed to get the first car up and running myself, I had several more to get done and will probably be doing my 4th one next year. It worked out much cheaper doing it that way.

If the current owner has a laptop with the megasquirt program and the leads to plug it in, get him to show you how it works.


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No need to worry

every modern car has a similar system.

Normal procedure is once tuned you forget that there is a special system for

fuel metering fitted and simply drive the car.....


Although EFI tuning is much easier than tuning carbs or the PI you should be aware

that some basic knowledge is important if you want to improve a system and not spoil it!

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I've owned my TR6 with Lucas PI for nearly 15 years. While I like the original PI setup a lot, and won't change it while it still works well, if I was looking for a '6 now, I wouldn't be put off by an EFi conversion.

If the conversion has been done well (with rolling road printout hopefully), I would see it as a slight positive when considering a potential purchase.


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Agree with the comments above, there are plenty of efi conversions about, if starting from scratch you’ll need to expect some set-up time but it sounds like that part has already been done for you. 

I’d guess that only the people who have a strong desire for originality would view it in a less-positive light - it wouldn’t put me off.

....... Andy 

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