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4 minutes ago, BlueTR3A-5EKT said:

Tangent Time....

If you are renewing the front oil seal what condition is the pulley hub that runs in the seal? 

Fitting a Speedisleeve  is the way to renew the sealing surface that will have rusted/pitted/gouged/worn since your engine was new

SKF 99175 or SKF 99174 is what I use.  99174 is 1/2" long and needs thinking about when fitting to get the new bit of the sleeve over the worn section of pulley shaft.  99175 is 3/4" long and does not need much thinking about when fitting.


Actually converting to narrow belt, so the Moss kit has a spacer/sleeve that slides over the crank and into the seal.  Still trying to figure out the oil shield as it has a key cut out, but clearly would not be on a key - assuming it goes up against the crank gear, but was concerned about it spinning and tearing apart if it is not stationary with the key slot and throw bits of metal flying.

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The oil flinger,  is dished, the dished/hollow side goes toward the seal and is gripped between the sprocket and the pulley once the big crank bolt is tightened.

The key slot in the flinger is to make it easy to fit.


Peter W


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Thanks.  I didn't know if the conversion kit with the new sleeve would sandwich the oil plate tight enough against the crank sprocket, but from the sounds of it the answer is yes.  The key cut was throwing me off as there is no key where it comes to a final rest.  After "walking away" fro her yesterday afternoon, I believe I have it all dialed in this afternoon, at least to 110.75 - figure even at 111 that is close enough to get it all buttoned up.  Not looking forward to reinstalling the cross brace - it was PITA on removal as only one bolt each side had a welded nut - the other two were nut, lock washer and bolt.  Super tight to get a stubby box wrench on, not to mention the bolt at the top is super tricky with the tabs for the radiator support to get anything on the bolt to turn.  This weekend's project but cooler weather coming to Florida.  Time to get her back up and on the road.



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