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Faulty gauges

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The fuel and temperature gauges are not working on my TR7 (1981). Is there a common link? If this was my MK2 Cortina it would probably be the voltage stabiliser. The TR7 does not appear to have a voltage stabiliser. All fuses are in working order. The temperature sender has been replaced and all wiring is intact.

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There is no Voltage Stabiliser on the TR7 as it uses a bridge arrangement. The common ignition feed to the Fuel and Temp gauges would also supply the Tac and Battery Condition gauges. If these are working correctly then it may be a break in the flexy wiring on back of the instrument panel.


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How are the guages not working?

Stuck low, stuck at max, incorrect reading but changes as you would expect. incorrect reading that doesn't change.

As Dave says the power is common across many gauges so unlikely to be the issue.

Im no expert but:-

The temp gauge suffers from:- No connection to the sensor (stuck cold), No power to the gauge (stuck cold), wrong sensor (changes with temperature but wrong values), Poor earth at the sensor (changes with temperature but wrong values), No earth at the sensor (stuck cold), short from gauge side of the sensor to earth (stuck hot).

Fuel gauge. Much more complicated as it includes the warning lamp delay unit. However if the gauge moves when the ignition is turned on its probably either an earth issue, stuck sender or fault with the warning lamp delay unit.

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