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Metering Unit

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Hi   Can any one give me Neil Fergusons  telephone number?

Went to start my car this morning after standing for three weeks, would not start at all not even fireing. No fuel at injectors  fuel pressure at 100 psi. The car has always been a good starter hot or cold. 

Bled the injectors for half hour, still no fuel. I think the problem is in the metering unit as none of the injetors are working. 

Thanks for any help Roy

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UCheck the plastic drive dog. Remove the union of no 1 or 6 injector pipe and turn the engine over slowly by hand and you should see the “hole” in the metering union come in and out of view as it rotates. If it doesn’t then the drive dog may have failed.

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I had the same problem on my TR6 about 30 years ago, the shuttle had stuck in the metering unit. It used to do it intermittently and free off when I cranked it over with a couple of injector pipes slackened off ( I reckon not fighting against the injector opening pressure gave the shuttle the extra shove needed to free it).

Eventually it refused to start and being skint I ended up stripping the metering unit and spent half an hour polishing the shuttle by poking it back and forth through the rotor using two wooden cocktail sticks and T cut as the polish. Did the job and it never played up again but I wouldn't recommend it to anyone.

I still remember finding how tight the tolerances were when reassembling the unit. The heat from my hand was sufficient to expand the rotor enough to prevent it from going back into the metering unit until I left it to cool down!


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