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I am concerned that my 1981 TR7 has no oil pressure gauge as standard therefore I am considering removing the defunct clock, (which is only right twice a day) and replacing it with an oil pressure gauge. Has anyone already carried out this operation, if so what would be the problems involved, if any?

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Yup did it with my V8.  I also put a decent temp gauge to replace the naff Triumph one.  You will need to remove the console and get out a drill and saw and cut out a great deal of the plastic that holds the gauge in.  Most replacement gauges come with a u clamp that holds the gauge in place.  Its actually quite hard to fit this in so I didn't bother.  You will almost certainly have to file out the hole that the old gauge peeped through and fit the new gauge from the outside.  If you are careful you can make the hole a good interference fit and that's enough to hold everything in place (a little contact adhesive can help).  Its a bit fiddly but quite doable.  By the way I used a mechanical gauge rather than an electrical one so that I get a reading even if there is an electical problem (same with the temp gauge).


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Like Emyrs I was worried about my oil pressure & had a pressure gauge fitted in place of my clock. Over the years I observed a slow reduction in pressure which was confirmed when I had to remove the head and found the white metal on the main bearings was starting to go...

So I would recommend one, but would suggest using an electric gauge as the mechanical version has a tube with very hot oil just above your legs....



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