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Novice Suspension overhaul.

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Novice Suspension overhaul.

I though this post might be useful to those like me who are starting their journey of TR ownership. Apologies to the better informed !

I had wanted to replace the front springs and shock absorbers for a while and had been very nervous about tackling the job having read numerous posts regarding the dangers of a compressed spring. Contributors had given details regarding making a spring compressor with a length of threaded bar and fittings. Given the possible outcome if this wasn't constructed correctly I was still rather nervous about the operation and making the tool myself. I did a bit of research and came across a video by Dr-Doolin ( search TR6 spring compressor ).The video is very informative and my confidence was beginning to grow. The tool apart from lock nuts and safety pin has four holes in the plate that locate over the studs in the lower spring pan.The spring compressors offered by the major suppliers are similar but are just flat plates, perfectly adequate I'm sure but I did say I was a novice and any element to reduce the risk was a positive. Unfortunately Dooling do not have a UK distributor so heck I ordered one from Canada. Working slowly and having watched the video several times the work was completed without mishap.

Couple of tips for novices like me.

The new shock absorber appears too short when assembled with the new bushes and don't protrude through the upper spring socket enough.

Problem solved by putting a trolley jack with a block of wood under the bottom trunnion and compress the suspension.

The easiest way I found was to get the lower bushes into the shock absorber was to lubricate and and push in with a vice.

P.S   You experienced guys are right it is a very simple tool and fairly easy to make, however as I hope I won't be using the compressor for a while if anyone is local and looking for one to borrow, give me a call.

Spring Compressor.jpg

Spring Compressor 2.jpg

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Having the right tools make this job pretty straightforward and safe. I found with a small modification I can use that spring compressor on the TR6 and the TR3, the ho!es just need enlarging a bit to fit the TR3 studs. The hardest part for me is fitting the spring pan.. Get the compressor wound up so that the spring pan is just touching the studs and then use a big screwdriver to lever the pan and engage the studs.


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Hi Stan,

Getting the over over the studs is a bit of a fiddle, the second side was a lot easier, what do they say about practice.



I'm in Chalfont St Peter, Bucks. Cost was about £100 plus £20 import tax. Apparently if the item is below £15 no tax is due ( didn't know that at the time ) if you order one worth making a call. Rimmers have one for £78 , needs some more nuts and a safety pin at the top but having completed the job i'm sure it would be fine.



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That Dr Doolin video is invaluable if one is to try this!  I built my spring compressor based on his video and it worked great.  Luckily i was in a port town and was able to source a chunk of 1/2” aluminum for a few bucks and i did all the drilling myself.  I also ised some old rubber grommets from replaced shock absorbers on the top of it so I didn’t wreck the paint on the top shock mount.

well done!  It was a fun project for me and made a big improvement to the ride quality 


ps. Sorry I don’t have any pictures of the compressor in action...




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