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TR3a fuel tank innards

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When I took the fuel tank out of my TR3a in 2010 it was pretty rusty so I decided to replace it with a new one. Yesterday I cut up the old tank which had become a home to several generations of mice and I took some pictures of the internals.

There are two baffles, one at each end and the vent tube pick-up forms a U bend and runs along the top of the tank.



The other end of the vent tube



With one baffle removed.


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...and it is the U bend vent pipe that is often neglected by after market tank makers.

The U bend is critical or the tank will self empty by syphoning if the tank is ful lof fuel and car is parked on an angle.

The later car 'vent through the cap and/or filler neck' is a better arrangement.

Peter W

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In 2010 I think that tank could have been salvaged by cleaning and sealing it etc but I looked at the mountain of work ahead of me and decided to spend the $200 on a new tank knowing that it may have its own issues with baffles and vent. In the end it worked out fine. This one will go in the scrap pile.


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Hi Stan,

the pictures possibly make it look worse than in reality.

When rust starts to grow it produces a lot of external matter that grows outwardly more than inwardly.

If that was all pickled off I would imagine you may have the odd pin hole at most.

But as you say - added to the original pile of other work it is a problem that can be easily resolved.



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Fact is stranger than fiction.

A guy I used to work with makes a living from selling prints of parts of burnt out cars.


Charlie D.


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