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Flooded out!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Hi Rod ~

I'm with you all the way there. We pay extortionate so called 'Council Tax' for absolutely NOTHING except to keep the overstaffed desk jockeys in 'work'?

While our wonderful so called 'Governments' (both Champagne Socialists and Public School Tory Nancy boys) cut back on our Emergency Services.

Of course closing such things as Fire Stations in their 'patch'  isn't the done thing.

I'm willing to bet that there are more desk jockeys in Local Authorities than members of our Emergency Services.

Do any of these desk jockeys have to respond to emergency calls at 3 in the morning in all weathers ~ I think not!  

This of course includes week ends, Public Holidays (Christmas etc). 

Rant over ~



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Having experienced the Lancaster floods and blackout that Peter referenced, I think I may comment.      The Report has a lot to consider, but one point it makes is that the transformer house whose inundation caused the blackout was on the site of the old Lancaster power station.    When that was demolished, and the area connected to the Grid, the transformer house was built there because that was the nexus of the local power distribution network.    To move it would have cost a lot more, and the River Lune had never flooded the old site, so why do.it?    No need to invoke incompetence or avarice, just normal commercial constraints.

Certainly, that event and climate change should make us rethink the siting of major infrastructure.


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Hello again Rod

Glad to hear things are progressing albeit slowly. Now I remember why we did most of the work ourselves to rid ourselves of the shoddy workmen and stress. We had Rainbow with their de-humidifiers as well. Noisy things running day and night. Never did quite understand why the 2 chimneys open to the sky were not blocked off during all this since we were effectively de-humidifying the rest of the planet but what do I know.

Good luck with the local authorities. At best you might be able to get them to sort out the drainage issues around your house. It took us months (years?) to get the local council and the Environment Agency to admit that the drains were blocked. Actually worse than that - they didn't actually connect to anything but just ended under the road. Maybe you can get Ms Sturgeon to concentrate on issues that actually affect people instead of banging on about indyref2. (good luck on that one).

Back to another tip - before you fit the skirting boards make sure the walls are absolutely as dry as they can be or you could get problems. I mounted our skirting just off the wall with small spacers and left a small gap above the floor (a couple of mm) to allow air to circulate behind. I also screwed them on with brass screws so if ever I need to remove them again after a flood I can do it without wrecking them.

Finally I got a quote for my house and contents last month and the price had rocketed. According to the insurers it was because of flood risk. They said we were in the highest risk based on postcode. We are actually in the lowest risk based on Environment Agency survey results. Post codes are so the postman knows where our letterbox is as I keep telling the insurers. Well after some work I have now gone with Direct Line and saved 50% on my premium. They were also very good because our house is an old listed cottage and has been flooded twice. No problem. Other insurers wouldn't even quote.


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