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Flooded out!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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My parents had underfloor heating. Not impressed with it at all. We have water filled radiators - much simpler and more effective in my opinion. Also not sure whether - if it is electric - that it is a good idea in houses prone to flooding to have underfloor heating. We removed anything under the floor that might corrode. Also no electric wires in the floor. I know of 2 properties (one a library) that had copper heating pipes under the floor that corroded and began to leak. If you have tile floors there is no reason why you can't have mats, rugs or rush matting on top. If there is underfloor insulation it should be ok. Our floors have no insulation so are cold but we live with it. Would have been a massive job to dig out the floors and we don't know what we might find underneath. I discovered a 12 foot deep well just by the back door.

Anyway seems like you have moved on from the despair stage and now into the 'lets get it sorted' stage. As long as your claims from the insurance are reasonable then they will probably agree to what you want to do.



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get your assessor 

they will fight your corner and know the trick of the trade and the other sides weaknesses they can interpret your policy to your advantage.

dont worry about carpets walls plaster kitchen units etc they will deal with this  

they may also help you counter claim against the highways authority as they appear to have failed in their duty to keep the road gullies clear directly resulting in your flood. 

You need to do this !!!!! Please don’t let the insurance company or the highways authority/ council run roughshod over you.


you wouldn’t go to court without legal advice  so don’t tackle the insurance claim without professional help .



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