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Front suspension / braking issue

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A few weeks ago, I posted an issue here that had me rather baffled.  The front driver side would tended to dive in on braking and the wheel on the opposite side would not spin free following hard braking  (observed while on the hoist).  I had many helpful suggestions; brake pad differences, calliper seized, flexible brake tube 'ballooning' and then there was the possibly it was a suspension bushing issue rather than the brakes.

Remarkably (or not) it was two issues; the flexible tubes were indeed bunged up and not releasing the pressure on the brake pads.  The tubes were acting as a check valve, which in turn was causing excessive forces on the suspension bushings, which had almost completely failed on the driver side.

So, thanks all.  The knowledge found on this site has proved to be invaluable once again.

Happy motoring.

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1 hour ago, John Morrison said:

Oh I just love this forum!


Exactly !

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