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I have a load of original Girling 16P brake calipers that are about to be refurbished by Bigg Red. I have had one pair finished in black to go behind the black wire wheels on my BRG racecar.

my plan is to have these plated (not painted) in either the original type gold or silver. There will be new pistons and seals etc. Basically, they will be fully reconditioned and ready to fit.

The point of this post is to ask that if anyone is looking for a pair and wants then done in a particular finish, let me know as I will be taking to be done next week.

Price depends on finish.

Final point is that these are original castings and not the repro ones!!


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I’ll be collecting the refurbed calipers from Bigg Red just before the Stratford International Meeting. If anyone wants a set of these calipers, or a pair of 3 pot Jaguar ones which are a straight fit on a TR, or a pair of type 14 calipers, please let me know and I will bring them with me for you.


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At Stratford, I purchased a pair of David's 16P calipers, which have been refurbished by Bigg Red.  They are painted gold (well, why not!), and the seals are soft, as one should expect with new items.

David is selling to TR Register members at £140 the pair, plus cost of delivery, but will be advertising on eBay to the general public at a higher price.  David had a number of boxes in his Range Rover on the Friday afternoon.  These are the 16P type (305692 & 305693), fitted to TR4s from CT4690 (wire wheels) and CT4388 (disc wheels), and also to TR4A/250/5.

I am delighted with my purchase, as the calipers are even better than I had anticipated.  I shall be fitting them over the winter, and have purchased a pair of new braided flexibles from my usual supplier, ready to undertake the job.

Ian Cornish

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"A braking issue. A footnote !!!!"

Just to say, thank you, to David Ferry for getting me out of trouble last week, with a pair of his refurbished calipers.

Despite having new calipers, discs, pads, and shims, fitted to my TR3a the brakes were disconcerting to say the least. The pedal travel was far too much prior to the brakes biting, I did spend a lot of time trying to track down the problem, but with no success.

Having taken the car to a garage the problem was found to be the "New Calipers". The caliper pistons were withdrawing into the body of the caliper far too far. The result being a very low pedal when the brakes were next applied.

I contacted David, had a pair of his refurbished calipers fitted, and all is now well.

I suppose the moral of the story is. Dont buy 'New calipers' get an original pair refurbished by a reputable company?

My thanks to Roger at R and G Evesham for finding the answer. ( Next time I'll get my wife to push the pedal, and I'll look at the calipers !!!)


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