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TR4 recommended oil grades

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I just want to double check recommended oil grades for my TR4


engine was re built 2years ago & I have been using Penrite 10W-50 extra zinc full mineral which I think is correct


just had the gearbox & J type overdrive re furbished - believe EP 90 GL4 is the correct oil but some people use the same as the engine as I understand - is the Penrite ok?


and for the diff - not been re built but still performing ok - what should i use?


and want to re-do the uprated lever arm dampers - what is the best oil grade for them?


any advice would be much appreciated



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Hi Graeme

i have a 3a but they are effectively the same as a 4

engine I use valvoline VR1 mineral oil

gearbox /OD Just rebuilt by professional and he recommended dynolite gear 40 oil. 

i used to use EP90 GL4, it does stink tho

rear axle/diff EP90 with molyslip as that’s what the previous owner put in. 


There will be other opinions along in a little while I’m sure :D


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Lots of opinions ..... For engine oil I used to use VR1 mineral 20/50 in the TR and Stag but it’s price has increased more than I felt reasonable...... been using Classic Oils mineral 20/50 for some time now, the only one that I am aware of clearly stating its zinc as ZDDP on the label and at a sensible price


...... Andy 

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Same as Andy. Veering away from Millers Classic 20/50 that is getting expensive to Classic Oils stuff. Penrite Gear 40 in gearbox & o/d.k

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