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Brake Caliper seal gasket position 73 TR6

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I'm refitting the caliper seals in the TR6 and should have paid closer attention while dissembling.  I've notice the cross-section profile of the ring gasket has one higher outside diameter edge rather than a straight forward rectangular shape; that is it has a peak on one side.   I'm thinking the higher edge goes inboard toward the brake fluid pressure, with the lower edge permitting in and out movement.  

Have I got this correct?


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Yes, that is how I installed mine and they work fine.

I found a picture on the web somewhere showing the cross section, not easy to find. Will have another look. My description is a taper wedge shape and the thicker wedge in first so it makes pressing the piston in easier and then as you say the brake fluid then has a firmer profile for the fluid pressure.

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