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Aintree sprint 29th June- come along

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if you live in the northwest, enjoy club motorsport and not doing anything on 29th June come and have a day out


Unfortunately there are only 2  TRs in the class for the club champs. Me in my 3a and Steve small in his full racing TR7 V8.

Poor Steve will have seen the entry list this morning and realised that he will have his work cut out against my 3a :lol: the question is will he halve my time to be twice as quick as me !!!!!

there is a wide variety of cars taking part from the very fast f1 type Goulds to Austin sevens via more modern road cars.

Come and say hello if you have nothing planned

Pictures from the club web site





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It’s going to be a lovely day. Pop along and say hello

looks like Shaun Roche is there in his beautiful race prep Castrol dolly sprint. 

Car all prep’ed for tomorrow. 



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Very mix day for me. 
We normally have 4 runs. 2 practice and 2 to count in competition 

My first 3 runs I suffered really bad missfire and in between worked so hard changing things to try and fix it. Checked all elecs. Carbs. Fuel in float chambers. Rerouted couple ht leads. And LT leads. Changed plugs. All without joy. Very frustrating. Esp as I had had the car on a rolling road after loads of changes to fuel pumps and ignition etc etc and the miss fire never appeared.

problem manifested itself after the first left hander.

Even fellow competitors felt sorry for me a stepped in to help - thanks Steve Small with the white wedge above.

70 odd second runs of missfire for 3/4 of the run. Times Usually very low 60’s. ( a bogey of 58 secs!!!!)

A motorway run at lunch time suggested all ok at low road speed and corners but manifested itself on a straight motorway so higher speed fuelling !!! ( it’s a road going car and I taped over the numbers)

Then decided to put my cheap Aldi elec tyre pump on the fuel line from engine to fuel tank. It must have cleared a partial blockage and I did a 60.98 run. 
As there was time they gave us another run and I broke the minute ( just) with a 59.98. Best time ever there. 
Could have been more if the other runs worked !!!

a very mixed day. 

I have in the past, I trying to fix this misfire, siphoned the tank out x3 and it’s very shiny inside (steel).

the engine bay pipe work is new and correct size.

the only thing I can see is an old 3” length of (rubber?) pipe joining 2 metal sections up in the left chassis area forward of the axle. 

I cant believe the issue is the metal pipe ?

i am now thinking that this small rubber pipe is breaking down and causing a partial blockage. Rather than something in the tank.

so this is my next task to replace that pipe at the risk of petrol flow from the tank. That I will try and drain.

Edited by Hamish
Added detail

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And the results sheet. You can see the results of my misfire on the slow runs :angry:

TRR club champ is class 15

Results 2019 June combined.pdf

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And this is what aintree used to be like


crowds and a very busy grid

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See the whole story here. 

rags  to riches 

well it felt like that !!



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