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Princess calipers, more questions

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I seen several different setups for the brake lines on the Princess calipers and I would appreciate your guidance on the best.  So far I have seen:

1) Brake line into a T-piece then two lines into the side-by-side inlets

2) One brake line into the inlet and the other closed off with a bolt/screw

3) One brake line into the inlet and another connecting the second inlet with the nipple on the middle top of the outboard side of the caliper.

Which way to go?

Next question: where can I find instructions on replacing the piston seals?

Next, how to prevent corrosion down the middle of a vented rotor?  I was thinking of spraying VHT clear coat down the vents.  Better ideas?

Next, can I replace the bolts holding the two halves of the calipers together with SS bolts?



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My Grinall has one brake line inlet. Calipers are drilled internally. The remaining 3 connections are filled with bleed nipples. With 13 inch wheels 2 of these 3 are cut/ground down to clear the wheels. Bleeding through the remaining bleed nipple works fine. Russ Cooper kindly helped me with replacing the piston seals which I had not done myself before. It's not too scary.

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HI Mike, I hope you've managed to contact Russ Cooper by now. If you haven't, he's easily found on the Facebook page ' Triumph TR7 Owners Page' which is run by Christopher Kenneth Smith. Russ has a very good blog which contains a 'how to' internally drill Pricess Calipers. Something I'm intending doing with a pair I have. 

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