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250 miles and Jolly good time

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Hi Folks,

 shot off to Dungeness this morning - M25, 26, 20. Popped into the RSPB and ticked off a pair of a Black Tailed Godwit's - nice.

Had a spot of lunch at the 'End of the Line' Restaurant - the Romney, Hythe & Dimwit narrow gauge railway terminus. They do a cracking all day breakfast.

Around the A256 to Rye - popped into the Rye Bay fish shop and bought 6 very nice prawns - more like mini lobsters.

Onto Hastings - they were celebrating Jack in the Green Festival - Morris men and women from England and Europe enjoying themselves and about 1000 motor Biker. They were everywhere.

Through to Brighton for a light tea of a pint of Peroni and a Blueberry Muffin (I'm on a diet).

From Brighton to home on the M23 - excellent stuff.




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Tim they didn't have any crabs but we got six very large fresh tiger prawns instead. Any more would not have fitted in the frying pan.

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Living the dream Roger.....keep it up  .


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