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TR6 Bonnet hard to open

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Bonnet has been getting harder to open.   Replaced the cable - old one was fine on inspection.  There's a lot of pressure on the latch for the cable to overcome to release - does the bonnet catch spring become stiffer over time?  Will replacing the safety catch/spring unit on bonnet help - or is there a different route I should explore?   Any thoughts?  Thanks

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Firstly, if you haven't got one already, fit an emergency release.

Please see my post on closing a bonnet for the first time, will help if you fit new catches etc.



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Hi Russell,

             this is from Dave's earlier post

  ensure that the spring plunger is central in the latch

Cover the latch hole with masking tape and coat the spring plunger with grease.

Gently lower the bonnet so that the plunger pushes onto the masking tape.

Lift the bonnet - where is the mark.

Repeat until spot on.

Also make sure that the mechanism is reasonably well greased.

DO FIT ad emergency pull   https://www.moss-europe.co.uk/emergency-bonnet-release-kit-807-065.html



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I took the above advice and fitted a second bonnet release.

When I bought my car, the release mechanism was fitted with a post designed for 2 cables, so, at some point, an emergency release must have been considered by a PO.

Inside the cockpit, the 2nd mechanism was a mirror image of the original, fitted on the drivers side.

I routed it with the smoothest possible curve and cable tied the cable close to the bulkhead.

This 'new' release I ran with a black handle and black outer case.

The original release, I fitted with a new red cased cable with a red handle.

The black release became the standard release, for every day use

The red release, (the original) became the emergency release.

This on the basis that;

1 - with the new release fitted and in use, I was much less likely to have a problem

2 - the "emergency" (original) release would only be used once. 


Using the new system, opening the bonnet became very, very much easier


Hope this helps


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+1 for the emergency release mechanism (mine came from Moss, but others sell it too). Carefully follow the installation instructions, it is vital that you cannot rotate the new lever too much by installing an end-stop.

The cause is better addressed too, as outlined above.


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I installed one of these a few rears ago- found it in a US TR6 owner's blog.Personally I like making rather than buying stuff.

I liked the way the 1/2'' hole stops overrunning the catch  opening tab.


EmergencyHoodRelease (1).doc

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