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Is Durite better than Lucas Green Box?

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Hello All,

I need a new battery isolator switch as my original (proper Lucas) one has developed a fault.

I have never heard a good word said about Lucas (Green Box) switches of any sort and can confirm that I’ve had reliability problems with them myself.

I’ve recently noticed a lot of “Durite” items on the market and wondered if they were any better. I believe Durite is an ancient name, but is it now just a case of the name being licensed out, like Lucas, to anyone who pays the fee?

Interested to hear comments.

(I’d like to hear that they are made in the back streets of Birmingham, by old men wearing cow-gowns, but I doubt that is the case.)


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Hi Charlie,

             Durite are what they have always been   https://suite.endole.co.uk/insight/company/00373113-durite-limited

This doesn't mean that they have economised on quality.

However I use their products and find they are fine.  You appear to get what you pay for.

Sadly Lucas left the Auto market and license off their heritage BUT do nothing over the quality.



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Thanks for the link, and the vote of confidence.

I guess I should have done a search myself as there is an actual site called;


They seem to be more into commercial vehicle stuff, which actually gives me confidence in their reliability.

Although you cannot buy direct, there is a good catalogue on their site with full specs etc.


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I have used one of this type without issue for many years. 

This was is simple and effective and some can allow removal of the knurled nut as a security point.               .



The type with the big Red key have given problems water or damp ingress caused the contacts to fur up.


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On 3/27/2019 at 4:50 PM, RogerH said:

,,,,,,,Sadly Lucas left the Auto market and license off their heritage BUT do nothing over the quality.,,,,,



Not really they are now part of TRW and very much in the Auto market and made in UK - for now anyway

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