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Help finding a particular 3A

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years ago my father bought a basket case 3A from a gentleman in London Ontario who had purchased the car sight unseen from Utah.  It was advertised as rust free and was way above the abilities of this fella to restore.  Once it arrived home my dad started a body-off restoration that took 4 years to complete.  Indeed it was a beauty when it was finished and a far cry from the heap that it was.  I remember having a couple of friends around to the house to look at it and they both openly laughed at my dad and said he was crazy !  It even had bullet holes !

anyway, once it was completed it was driven (once) around the corner to get some photos and for reasons too long to get into here it was then loaded on a trailer the following day and it was sold to a gent in Denmark.  Fortunately i was able to purchase the 74 TR6 that would have been it’s stable mate and i still have it 21 years later.  It too was a body off re-do and is in the same condition as it was when finished (almost).  

Does any one know of its whereabouts or does this sound familiar?  I am only asking out of curiosity but it would be nice to tell my dad if it is still on the road.  Unfortunately I don’t know the commission number but IIRC it was a ‘53 finished in red with a grey interior that had red piping...



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