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Hello, not sure if this is where I should post, but here goes, I have an ecoair dehumidifier, DD122 Classic Mk5 that is playing up, briefly, it switches itself off after 20 minutes running on all three settings, I have checked the manual, no help, after having searched on t'internet it appears it could be a thermal cutout, anybody on here got any advice, experience, wiring diagram before I consign to the tip and buy another, it seems such a waste as the thing is not long out of warranty, cheers, Andrew

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If it is overheating make sure the air filters are clean. If it drains into an internal container these will have some mechanism to detect a full bucket so that would be another point of failure.


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Hello, thanks for the response, done all the usual visual checks, I think it is heat related as the thing cuts out completely instead of showing a fault light, my next course is to tack down the heat switch, any clues to its whereabouts gratefully received, cheers, Andrew

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Here is a generic fault-finding web page https://www.goodairgeeks.com/dehumidifier-keeps-shutting-off/

Also electric motors often have an inbuilt thermal cutout.

Sounds as if it is the out-of-warranty detector chip, most things I buy seem to have one of those!



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