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Wipers won't turn off!

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I took my 4a out for the first time this year yesterday to get a slow puncture sorted. Of course it was raining, but the wipers worked OK (or as well as usual) on the way to the garage. Then when I got home I switched them off, but they kept going until I turned the ignition off. Tried again this morning and as soon as I turned the ignition on, they attempted to spring back into action. I had to pull the wires off the motor.

Then I remembered that this happened once last year, but sorted itself without me doing anything. Any ideas anyone?

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Hi Brian,

   welcome to the forum.

The self park is functioned by a red wire on the disc shaped cap on the motor. This goes to earth.

The motor has a permanent live feeding it (through the ignition switch).

The switch on the dashboard  (two speed) switch each earth wire from the motor to  ground.

So - either the internal earth track inside the cup on the motor is damage and causing a permanent earth (it should have a gap on a circular track

Or the two earth wires form the motor are chaffing on the bodywork.


Check the wiring first and if no luck take the cup off the motor and see what is going on inside.

To remove the cup you may need to loosen the motor.


Another thought - it could be the switch itself - dying.




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Great picture.

My signature pictures come out too big as well.

Edit ok sussed it, edit image. Simples.


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I've repaired hundreds of parkers. There are loads of ways a short can develop in these.  Normally I just drill them apart and rebuild.

Then the red-wire can short to case anywhere along it's length.

Diagnosing this may be tricky but most things are easily fixed.

Ask me if you need any parts.



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