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Door Latch broken

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Closed the door the other day & it has locked itself shut


the outside handle which pushes against the lever is not working as the lever is moving freely inside the door - appears to be broken & disconnected form the latch.


the inside handle is working and when pulled back appears to depress the lever into the latch but to no effect


I cant fully remove the door trim panel as the bottom corner is held in place by the B pillar diagonal brace but I can gain access to the dor cavity


does anyone have any suggestions on how to free the latch?



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Hi Graeme,

I had this happen last year when a guest from overseas was a passenger, and exiting he pushed the handle ( locking it ) so it couldn't be opened from outside. He had to climb over the handbrake to get out on my side. 

I was able to undo enough of the clips + remove the screw which fastens the pocket to the door sufficient to peel back the card and see that the little fork was no longer engaging the latch pin. Bending the arm which goes back to the inside door handle re-engaged it and it's been fine since.

5 minute job.




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photos would definitely assist thanks




I tried to unlock it via the lever attached to the external key lock but cant seem to get it to work. It may be worth more attention though as a possible solution


thanks guys



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