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Searching for 1960s red TR3 (poss A) with reg ERA

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Hi everyone,

When I was a lad (in the 60s) my uncle had a red TR which I used to ride in - I always thought it was a TR3A, but may have been a TR3 with 3A parts. His name was Conrad Clark and he lived in Cheshire. I remember him clocking 100mph with two adults in the front, and me and my cousin wedged in the back "seat" up what was then the East Lancs Road northbound (now the M60/61/6), no roof on and no seat belts that I remember. Those were the days ;-)

I guess he sold it in the 70s or 80s. He died some years ago and the only identification we have left is a cousin who remembers its registration letters were "ERA". No photos unfortunately.

I am just reaching retirement age myself and I am searching for that car, to see whether it still exists, and if so, whether the owner would be interested in selling it for my retirement project!

Some email exchanges with the office of TR-Register have turned up a TR3 of the right age with Reg 798ERA. It is blue now, no evidence as to whether it once was red or is indeed "the" car. 

If anyone has any information that might help I would much appreciate it.

Also -  a Google search shows another TR-Register member called Doretti was enquiring about 798ERA in 2016 - so if Dorretti sees this and could get in touch I'd also appreciate it.

Kind regards,


PS - gov.uk MOT site states 798ERA is now GREEN, first registered 24th July 1957, and MOT expired 18th March 2013.

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