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TR4 Front Drum Brakes

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A friend has a TR4 - Commission Plate CT21897 O.  Some years ago he bought it in South Australia and since shipping it to Melbourne has stored it in a shipping container. I don't know why!

He has often mentioned that it has front drum brakes - and has just unpacked the container to confirm that is the case.  I haven't seen the car, but as he was a car mechanic, I'm assuming he knows what he sees!

My searching indicates that Triumph changed to disc brakes part way through TR3 production and that all TR4s have front disc brakes.

Can anyone enlighten me?

I have a TR3 (DTR9107 OD) which was one of 107 (approximately) cars shipped to Melbourne in parts and assembled here.  The cynics here say that Triumph had a 100+ front drum brake assemblies left over after the change to disc brakes and chose Australia to get rid of them!

Any information would be appreciated.

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Good luck with this one,

I too thought all, TR 4 had front discs, as indeed all TR3A's



P.S Let us have a name?

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+1 & TR3's from mid 1957


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Wasn't trying to be obscure.  Thought I had to use a made up name.

I'm Brian Reid and I live in Melbourne. I owned my first TR3 in England in 1965/6. Registration number ULN 6.  Unfortunately all other details of the car have been lost or forgotten!!

Except!! It had overdrive, wire wheels and was painted Winchester blue.  I bought it from a couple of Chinese guys in a back lane in north London - they said they owned a night club in which an English boxer was a partner.  Amazing the silly things you remember!!  And trusting times too.  It wasn't a lemon either.  I think they had done something to the engine - I couldn't keep the exhaust baffles from blowing out!!  Very satisfactory result for an early 20s year old.

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Hi Brian,

Early TR4's have, essentially, identical front suspension to TR3's (or, at least, TR3A's) so I suppose it should be quite possible to fit TR3 drums to a 4.  Quite why you'd do it is a mystery, unless it was just a cheap way of keeping the car running at some point in its earlier life.

Of course, there may be some other explanation.  Would be good to know more in due course.



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The boxer partner referred to by your Chinese vendors could well have been George Walker, who was

a relatively successful fighter and later built up quite a business empire. (after a somewhat dubious start!)

Worth a Google. I used to enjoy a certain amount of corporate hospitality in one of his

restaurants back in the 70's/80's.

Roger M-E

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