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Dave Herrod

New Search?

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I am conscious that this has the potential to be one of those...."doh, why didn't I see that" posts, but....

The new search facility doesn't seem to allow you to narrow the search to a particular forum and also seems to come up with every post in a thread rather than just the thread. The result is that it is a lot harder to find what you are looking for.

Seems to be a bit of a backward step....or am I missing something.  All suggestions (within the new forum rules, of course) ;) gratefully received.


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Hi Dave,

Click the search box and it will expand to give you a list of options. To search a particular forum, simply go to that forum, click search and choose "Search in:> This forum"  from the dropdown. 

It will show results based on keywords so that's why you might have multiple posts from the same thread show up. 

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