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Updated front stub axles and alloy hubs

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I just overhauled the front suspension and as part of that installed Mr.Moss’s uprated axle/bearings/hubs. All went well until the last one, the damn bearing wouldn’t fit on the axle. Could I get the blighter out, could I hell, I even tried swearing at it! 

In the end I had to take the assembly to Moss so they could press it out. A 20 tonne press later it finally yielded.... after pushing the nut down the thread! 

It had only been installed a couple of days:ph34r:.......Cold welded!

The axle was 0.003 oversize. 

Moral.....trial fit first before committing! TRrials and TRibulations!

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I hope Moss took corrective action so we finally get rid of these quality issues....I do not understand why such "easy" parts cannot be made to print...


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