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In transmission trouble already

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Having solved the leak issue on my OD transmission (the apparent OD leak turned out to be a leak from the selector rods on the shift tower) I decided to practice on a spare transmission before tearing into the second issue; slipping out of gear. I did notice that this problem was probably addressed by the precious owner since there was a “distance piece” on the second gear detent that I don't think is correct.


Here's the background on the spare non OD transmission. I bought it with a wrecked parts car fifty years ago and at some point replaced the top cover with a piece of plywood screwed on in it's place. It's been in a barn ever since. When I removed the wood, I found a puddle of sludgy oil in the bottom and some light corrosion on the top gears. After spraying all with WD40, I was able to shift it by tapping the selectors and turn the transmission in all gears and reverse. However, every so often it would simply stop turning, The more I messed with it the worse it got. At any rate, this was a spare that I was using for practice, so I started the disassemble.


I removed the lock screw from the speedometer driven gear and attempted to remove the gear and bearing. I put a thin wrench on the bearing flats and no luck. I then screwed an old cable end to the bearing and tried to turn it clock wise. That moved it but it took considerable force. I was then able to wiggle it with the thin wrench and pry it out. I was not totally surprised to find the drive gear destroyed but I do wonder how I did it. There was no core in the cable end the driven gear was not seized to the bearing. Was it related to the prior locking of the gears?


I have since removed the tail housing using a bearing separator on the end of the housing and a two arm puller. Relatively little force required but I did find a broken circlip in the housing. Again, previous damage or something I did? Nothing else obviously amiss.


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