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adustable brackets

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evening all,a question if you please i know you only get what you pay for but i have been looking at adjustable trailing arm brackets, moss and rimmers are around £200.00 a set and revingtons are almost £ 500 just wondered why as there does"nt seem to be a clue in the pictures any information would be appreciated thanks in advance.

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Try ringing Revingtons and asking them why there's are more expensive. They can usually tell you and then you can decide if there worth the extra. I have done this with various items and there usually is a valid difference, often they are not happy with items currently  available and end up making their own.

You can then decide whether you need their design or the other will do.



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I purchased & installed the Goodparts camber adjustable TA brackets (bought them via The Roadster Factory, same price).

Alan's given price is what I paid, + shipping.

They are an excellent, excellent quality product. Instructions come with them, which must be followed carefully.

Good to replace TA bushings at same time, I used the HD rubber bushings & am most pleased with them.

Notice that the outer bracket is mounted with the adjuster in the middle position & the inner brackets with the adjuster in the lower position.

You can see the silver shims in the 2nd photo.


You want to pay attention to way the shims (toe adjustment) are presently, replace them in same positions.

DSCF1157 (6).JPG

DSCF1168 (2).JPG

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Hi Jochem,

looking nice.

The items in your first post are welded, the items in your latest post are bend, this is better.



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Do you still need to shim these brackets as it seems one does up and down and the other a slight in and out?


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Aha, now I see: one bracket is for the horizontal alignment, the other is for the vertical alignment (per arm). Very smart design.

I had my 1st TR6 on a 4-wheel alignment station, got the results (required corrections) went home, did the math (goniometry), shimmed where required, went back on the station and all was perfect. The alignment-tech was surprised how close it was to the WSM-settings, so, although this is a nice feature, it is not a nessecity for normal road use.


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Hi Waldi,

this is exactly the debate we‘ve been having here in Germany. I fully agree with you. Once you set your Toe and Chamber, how often do you change this? But for the ones among us, including myself,  for track use, changing wheels, adjusting springs, these brackets are very convenient. And when you are looking for new brackets due to restauration, why not get the best ones out there. No, I am not getting any commission or discount for my comments. Just supporting a fellow Dutchman. 






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