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Can anyone help please.

My friends have a smashed windscreen on their horse box, it's based on a 1970's Bedford mobile library lorry .

The local windscreen outfits have not been very helpful. Can anyone suggest where they may try to obtain a replacement. 


Pic atattched


































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Thanks guys

The local Autoglass depot responded with Large intake of breath and we would have to try and get one made 

If we could .it would cost four figures plus.

A similar response came from the other national depot`s, not a stock so not really interested.


I will get them to contact Pilkingtons








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Hi everyone,

Many thanks for all your help, especially as it's a non TR  topic.

I have passed all the info on to my friends and will follow up one lead myself.

At the moment the insurance company are trying to wriggle out of paying out, so they may have to stand the whole amount themselves.

Luckily the Scurry season is at an end ( if anyone watched country file a few weeks ago you would have seen Matt Baker having a go on a similar rig) so the Flying Hamsters

will be resting and there is some time to repair the lorry.


Many thanks



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