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TR6 Exhaustive advice

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Dear Experienced and Knowledgeable,

Following my success with very tangled PI problems solved from advices gratefully learned from the Forum, I have now another concerning the car's exhaust.

It is fitted with a stainless 6-2-1 arrangement at the manifold end and a mild steel SINGLE long pipe -about 2"o.d. - to a transverse end box. This mild steel rear box is now totally blown.. Actually I went and bought a correct (two-inlet) box from Rimmers before realizing that it cannot fit.

There is a single-inlet rear box listed by Rimmer made for the TR5, which it appears could be a replacement, but I do not know if this would be correct enough. I would value members' opinions.

There is a custom exhaust firm fairly near to me in Hastings and I think they could make something up, if thought necessary. It is a shame to have the car off the road for days over such a slight matter of course!

Many thanks in advance.


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The single pipe back box is there so you can have a more standard looking twin tail pipe. set up. I have the single pipe and have swapped between the single and dual pipe back box. Should be interchangeable with what you have....hopefully.



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