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Dear Friends ~


I can never, ever understand why some people fit that ugly wide mouth front aprons

to really lovely TR2/3's???

My first TR2 was fitted with such a monstrosity complete with obsolete Austin A35 backward facing drooping door handles??

Yes, I know I've got a TR3A which is the least attractive model of the TR range but I doubt it will ever see the road

ever again!



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In the late 1950s/early 60s, it was a fairly common "upgrade" to a TR2 to put a grin on its face. My second TR2 was so modified when I bought it in 1963/4.

When winters were cold, the TR2's fixed sidescreen would freeze solid and it was exceedingly difficult to gain entry when the car was iced up.

I fitted a TR3 lockable handle to the driver's door of my TR2 to overcome this problem - it was my daily driver (only car), so was out in all weathers.

Ian Cornish

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My TR3 has various bits of 3A on it, including door handles and the 3A rear lights. Its a May '57 model that went to the US and then came home again in the late 80's. I'm unsure when the modifications happened in the factory, due to modernisation by a PO or due to a rear end shunt or a combination!

I too think having door handles is a blessing and back in the day pimping your car to make it more modern would have appealed to me! I am glad that they didnt fit the wide-mouthed-frog apron though! I much prefere the slightly suprised look of the small mouth!

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Hi Ian ~


Thanks for that. But I still don't like the 3A front and A35 door handles!!

When I trial fitted the NOS TR2/3 front apron to my 3A it really looked the business but originality had to prevail!

I never, ever had problems with the sidescreens on my Austin Healey '100' with no door handles!



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Ive got a 3a that i rebuilt and during the rebuild i sourced a small mouth front apron and fitted that because i loved the small mouth look

I still have the wide mouth that ive restored and painted so now have the option of both looks because when or if i sell i can put it back to factory

Ive been told a 3a with a small.mouth will detract from its value but i just love it

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In my early 20s I and my mates all bought TR2s for a song (mine was £60). A lad who ran a garage just out of town raced a TR2 and let us use all his garage tools and equipment freely. He also used to knock out glass fibre 3A front aprons and we all bought one to make our cars look newer and I preferred that look. Reliving my youth, I bought a TR2 in my 50s that came with a steel 3A apron that I'm now (in my 70s) not so sure about but it's ok and anyway I couldn't afford a genuine 2 apron. New ones are knocked out with bits and pieces welded together and would never fit.


I've never had any trouble with the handleless doors but always had sliding Perspex side-screens.



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Can´t agree with you this time old friend, I like the wider look it gives, and the door handles are a must as it stops nosey people trying to get into my car at shows, which they do frequently here in Spain, my friend Nigel found a woman and two kids sitting in his E Type roadster while the man took photos of them.

The only problem is with the cooling, until you put the air trunking in front of the radiator like the small mouth models, with a top plate as well, just the sides, does not give the best results here in tropical climates and of course a suction Kenlowe fan, to top it off in traffic with the manual over-ride switch.

Just for interest sake, Nigel now has an MGC with triple webers, and has just fitted an 80 litres per minute rated electric water pump and removed the thermostat to accommodate the extra flow, just to get the temp. down.



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