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Should I reverse the ring gear on the Flywheel for a Hi Torque Starter Motor

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Good afternoon everyone,


As I have mentioned in a previous thread, I am planning to remove the gearbox this coming winter.


Whilst I have access to the back of the engine, I am going to have a look at the flywheel.


When I rebuilt the engine I re-installed the flywheel and its ring gear in the same configuration as when I dismantled it. Since then I have installed a hi torque (pre-engaged) started.


I have read various posts on the forum stating that I should have reversed the ring gear to match the fact that the pre-engaged starter gear would engage from the engine side of the flywheel as opposed to from the gearbox side with the original starter. I have also seen posts suggesting that because the modern starters are pre-engaged it doesn't matter as long as there is a chamfer on the teeth of the starter motor and that it can even be preferable to provide a positive engagement.


Is there a definitive answer?


Rgds Ian

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I have a modern starter on my early '3

Ring gear is original shrunk on one.

The motor, being pre-engage, has no trouble fully engaging every time.



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Hi Ian ~


When I fitted a hi-torque starter to my 3A I didn't reverse the ring gear and have never had any problems with the set-up.


Regards ~


Same for me.

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I fitted a Wosp Denso starter earlier in the summer and kept the shrunk on flywheel in its original orientation. There is plenty of engagement between both sets of teeth but make sure you specify the right pinion as there are three sold as being for a 3A on the market but only one works. Guess which one I fitted last. Unhelpfuly I cant remember which pinion it was but I tried 9 and 10 tooth pinions of different diameters before finding the one that works. I would recommend talking to Rob at TRGB and asking him which one he supplied to me as it works perfectly.

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Thanks for all the replies.


I'm pretty sure that I have the correct starter because it was bought for a post 60k TR3a and has been in use since October 2014. I guess if it had the wrong number of teeth it would have cried "enough" long ago.


Rgds Ian

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