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VUX is now back home!

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Took delivery of VUX today and it's now back home in my garage where it belongs alongside an old friend and two new ones - I've actually got more room than I thought!


I sold VUX in September 2013 and bought a BMW E36 M3 Evo Convertible and Saffy, but Bev never really forgave me as we did lots of home and European touring in VUX, so I've bought it back.


VUX was collected by TR Enterprises from the PO in Seaham (Nr Newcastle) in July, taken to their workshops for a new hood, new exhaust, a telescopic rear conversion, new clutch, full service, MOT plus more.


Bev is now planning future trips, the first being a 3 week tour next year down to the South of France to stay with friends, then over to Corsica for 5 days or so, then to Tuscany, the Italian Rivera and the Italian Lakes - looks like we're going to be busy......................


Many thanks to Tom Boyd and TR Enterprises.















Happy Days!




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I did a similar buy back of my GT6 that I sold in 1979.....I found it for sale in Aberdeen thirty years later!

I bought it back only to find I was too old and fat to get in the bloody thing comfortably!!!!!!

Pics are 1979 and 2009







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Thanks Alan, I'm already giving that some thought and let's face it, Saffy was the perfect template, particularly for the rear lower valance blacked edge which so many restored car overlook.




Great photos, and story. There can be something very emotionally satisfying about a buying a previously owned car back, especially if it holds very fond memories. Luckily in VUX's case, and since selling it in September 2013, it's been used very little, well looked after and only covered about 1400 miles.


However, about 5 years ago I had the opportunity to buy back my very first TR6 (OPC 310L - of mudflap and Linda Lusardi fame) a 73 CR which I bought from a Council scrap yard in 1983 and restored - it was in a C condition but the seller wanted A+ money and wouldn't budge (capitalising on my emotion? surely not!) - it was in very used mechanical state and needed a complete respray.


VUX's owner on the other hand was a really decent chap and sold me VUX for what he paid for it saying he'd been been in a similar situation when buying one of his old cars back and paid through the nose for his emotional attachment.




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VUX will never forgive you Andrew you know that dont you .?



Ha,ha yes I thought that too Guy, that's why VUX went to TR Enterprises 'Health and Spa' for some TLC before coming home as a way of an apology, hope it works.............?




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Loving your garage

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On 11/10/2018 at 12:26 AM, EXTR6 said:

Ha! Marvellous Andrew.

Corsica must have been superb in VUX.  I rode around, across and all about for a week in 2010 on my K1200RS. Fantastic!





The trip is planned for June 19 but have decided to go to Corsica another time - we're doing a week each in Spain, South of France and Italy.

On 11/10/2018 at 5:34 AM, Paul Hill said:

Loving your garage

Thanks Paul, it's getting a bit full but hopefully room for another bike with some jiggling around with the space.


1 hour ago, Mk2 Chopper said:

Are they 165 x 15's? They look perfect. 



No, they are 185/70/15 Vredesteins which do look good and give almost the same rolling radius as the original 165/15.


Cheers, Andrew 

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