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Whilst out out recently on a run, my 1972 TR6 CP completely died (cut out), only to start quite happily a few minutes later. It then did the same thing after another 20 miles. It hasn't happened since then, but I've only done a few short journeys. It felt to me like a fuel problem although I could hear the fuel pump running. It was a warm day, but not too hot.


The guy who renovated my car was a Lucas engineer and as such persevered with the Lucas petrol pump although he fitted a cooling coil and an electric fan. Despite this friends have suggested I should cut my losses and invest in a Bosch fuel pump.


From what little i've been able to say does this sound like a fuel problem and is it typical of the Lucas fuel pump?





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My experience is that a sudden and total cut-out is electrical, fuel always seems to cough and splutter a bit with it's dying breath.


Only time it happened to me as you describe was the ignition key switch was on its last legs and eventually got worse until the fault was more obvious.


As it costs nothing I would start with cleaning the fuel cut-out switch as per "http://www.grampianstags.net/inertia.htm"


I would not rush to a new pump without a conclusive fault diagnosis.





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Had this happen to me, turned out to be the coil which came back to life when it had cooled a bit.


Easy to check if you have any HT if it happens again.


Good luck,




Edit: Just noticed Mike C has beaten me to it!

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Thanks for all the advice guys; much appreciated. I just took the car out for an hour and it happened again. It seems to cut out at low revs (traffic lights etc) but only occasionally and usually starts after a minute or so of trying. It actually just did it as I got home so I was able to focus a bit more on the noise of the fuel pump which changed tone several times during the stall. That might be their usual operation, but I hadn't noticed it before, so I still wonder whether it is a fuel issue.

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+1 for the fuel return, sounds typical of it....blow down it see it it ia blocked at all.



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Also check you have the correct fuel filler cap with a breather.


Without this a vacuum can build up in the tank after a while causing duel starvation


Fits your symptoms and easy to fix !



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I use to fit cooling fans to Lucas pumps many years ago.If the pump over heated turning on the

fan would instantly cure the problem. Advise look elsewhere for the problem.




Harvey S. Maitland

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Hi. I had a similar problem on the way to the International. I thought it was fuel vaporization but replacing the capacitor cured it. A cheapish fix but you can easily check by substitution. Buy a decent one from the Dizzy Dr.



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