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Had my 5 out for a jolly on Saturday when all of a sudden it started missing on one cylinder,so drove home and put it away,ever so slightly disappointed, anyway started the usual diagnostics the next morning to find that no1 injector wasnt doing anything at all ! I had a sudden rush of blood to the head and decided to see if I could strip it down, and by jolly gingo! How surprised was I to find how easy !! To bits it came,inspect it was , reassembled, refitted , and spraying like a trooper it now is! Very nearly a great day!! Why was it not? You might be wondering. Well! I watched the very informative video of how to make an indicator buzzer with LED for a TR5 ,very helpfully supplied with all the part numbers required so as RS could supply you with the necessary articles ,so took said numbers and was told by RS that I would receive parts in 3 days,which I was,,,,,,,,,its a pity only the buzzer and resistor are correct!!! The LED and Bridge Rectifier bare no resemblance whatsoever to the video. So! Hayho! Back to RS in the morning for another bash!!!!

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I have a stack of the bridge rect's and a few LED's.


If you want I'll I'll send you one of each..


PM me your address.



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