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flies like brake fluide (brake fluide leak container)

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against all stories I've been told I fitted a 0,625" clutch master cylinder on my TR4A in 2016.

With the 0,7" cylinder I had normal pedal way, now the clutch works lovely with the 0,625" cylinder and some more pedal way.


I used a NOS one from 1969, sold als brake cylinder for a Reliant 600/700 - without changing the seals.

To see how long the old seals works I made a brake fluid leak container to set under both master cylinders.




Checked last week everythink was dry,

checked today I realised flies like brake fluid - and I'm so sorry for that - die from brake fluid.




If wanted: I have 2 more containers in my workshop, would like to have 10 GBP + 5 GBP for shipping.

To fit you have to unfasten both master cylinders, the container sticks in between the bracket.


If any interest please send me a PM.


Ciao Marco

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after a very nice drive today a look in the leak container told me I should fit a new seal on the clutch master cylinder?


Brake cylinder is dry, so there is no hurry, the container allows me to stay calm.

Ciao Marco



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Time to clean and put new seals in.


all out


back cleaned container


cylinders back with new seals


next spring can come, I'm relaxed


Ciao Marco

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