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How hard should I now actually be kicking myself?

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My 3A has progressively been driving me crazy with intermittent missing and poor running. Convinced it was fuel related, after making my first foray onto the forum:

I pulled and flushed the tank out. - Still, even with hindsight, a good job done.

Got the fuel pump rebuilt - Still a v good job done and absolute pleasure to make acquaintance of such a knowledgable Gentleman; Dave Davis.

Fiddled and fiddled around with the carbs - Not such a good job done, if anything suspect Ive made them worse.. But, again, got some really knowledgable help via the forum

I pulled out and pulled out the plugs

I found it really fiddly to fiddle with the ignition switch wiring under the dash

I fiddled with coil, points, leads, I replaced condenser - All the above frustratingly only giving marginal if any gains...


When, at my wits end with the car that had always proved so rugged and reliable over the 40+ years Ive had her, I checked under some insulation tape I temporarily put on the main and original wiring loom (circa 30 years ago) where the feed comes off to the coil and found broken open wire with two strands (one when vibrating) holding on


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Hi Tony,


Don't worry.

I have done exactly the same thing but fortunately I discovered the fault fairly quickly when I accidently pulled the wire to the coil out of its insulation.


Regards, Colin

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Not very is the answer Tony,


we've all been there, its called experience.



Thanks all,

Actually I did feel good having finally sorted it and in the knowledge that 90% of what I did really needed / benefitted from looking at anyway.


Agree with John, experience is all very well but don’t we all occasionally yearn back to the days when we ‘knew it all’ and ‘five minute jobs’ actually took five minutes ...


Which leads into an area best not to go nowerdays.... Ewan, Insulation tape around a cable did not even register on my own particular scale of bodging in those early days of ownership! - In mitigation I was juggling to also keep a couple of tired TR4’s also on the road without cutting into the beer budget....



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I’d say all in all a job well done, Tony, and far from deserving a kick of any kind.

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