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kevin bryant

Blyton Park Classics Track Day 29 June 2018 final instructions

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The circuit cafe will be open from 7.30 in the morning only for tea, coffee, breakfasts etc and will remain open during the day for drinks, snacks and lunch. Please support the cafe as it helps with the running of the venue.


For those running in the morning please arrive at around 8.00 am giving you time to sort your car and grab a drink / breakfast before the driver briefing at 8.30 am

For those only running in the afternoon, please arrive by 12.30 – as the morning session ends.

Although web bookings are now closed, we have space available so should be able to turn up and pay on the day.

If you wish to camp you need to be there before 6.00pm when the gates will be closed.

Lunch will be served from 12.30 to 1.30 pm and the Clubhouse will be open until the circuit closes at 5.00pm

The noise limit is 95 dB(A) measured at 20 metres drive by. If you have a noisy car then please keep the revs /noise down in the paddock area until the circuit opens.

The safety briefing will start at 8.30 in the briefing room, next to the Clubhouse. Please think about what you and your passengers will be wearing in the car. It makes sense to wear something that is flame retardant. If you own a race suit wear it. A leather jacket is better than a flammable fleece. Helmets are compulsory (free loan is available if you need to borrow one but must be returned). In open cars drivers and passengers need suitable eye protection ie visor or goggles.

Legs and arms must be covered in all cars. This applies equally to drivers and passengers. So no t-shirts and shorts when on the track regardless of the weather. The latest BBC forecast is for sunny intervals and a max of 21C, breezy from the north east.

All drivers and passengers must attend a safety briefing before going onto the circuit. Drivers: after they have attended the briefing, read and signed the Track Driving Rules and Declaration, a wrist band will be issued. Passengers: need to attend the briefing, read and sign the declaration. A different wrist band will be issued.

Pit lane marshals will only allow those wearing the appropriate wrist bands onto the circuit.

The circuit opens at 9.00. If you have a partner, friend, son, daughter who wishes to have a go then I’m sure we can cut some time out in both the morning and afternoon where they can do so with just a couple of cars on the track.

Always follow, without question, the instructions of the circuit marshals.

Overtaking is allowed. Vehicles must overtake on the straight only. Overtake on the RIGHT. Do not overtake on corners, in the red zones or after the braking cone. This will become clearer during the safety briefing. Use your mirrors and be sensible. If a car appears in your mirrors that’s because the car behind you is going faster than you. When safe to do so, signal left to show you have seen it and allow it to pass.

Don’t forget to bring your camera / toolkit / coat / jacket / whatever BUT remove them all from inside the car and the boot before you take to the circuit. So somewhere to store your possessions (a bag, small tent etc) is useful as well.

My mobile number is 07739 519 748

The circuit’s phone number is 01427 628922. Do not use the circuit’s postcode in your satnav. The venue is one mile from Blyton Village on the B1205 (Kirton Road). The entrance is through two big steel gates. Follow the track past the grasstrack on your left and keep going. Park in the paddock on the right hand side between the briefing room / cafe / big green barn and the circuit control room / track entrance. The web site www.blytonpark.co.uk

Please use the onsite cafe for food and drink – it all helps the viability of the test circuit.

Additional passengers / drivers on the day will be allowed on payment of the the additional £10 / person. They will, of course, have to attend the safety briefing completing all the paperwork along with everyone else intending to get onto the race circuit.

There is no charge for spectators.

Any questions?

Hope to see you there either as participant or spectator. It's just 30 mins up the road from the showground.


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Hi Kev,


Great day on Friday, thoroughly enjoyed it.


Fantastic weather, well organised, and only 20 mins from Lincoln Showground.



Well done to all involved in organising it, great start to the weekend.




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Thanks Kev for arranging the day I can only echo what others have said.


It was a lot of fun and amazing value. Hope to do some more in future.


Did anyone take some pictures or vids?



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