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Decisions.. decisions

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I’d say they are both Replicas and probably from the same Company,the Cheap one would do me as I’m sure TRGB would use these themselves.

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If the expensive one lasts 30 year and the cheap one lasts only ten years then get the cheap one.


It works out the same price but you get a new badge every ten years.



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The Moss item is definitely a repro - you can tell from

the diameter of the fixing pin.


Hard to believe the other option is anything but a repro

but at least at a sensible price.


There was a problem some years back with the repro

items having a slightly different curvature to the bonnet.

Maybe new stock repros have sorted this out.


What price, I wonder, for a NOS Stanpart item?

Or, for that matter, re-enamelling, though the exact correct

colour may be difficult to guarantee. Anyone experience

of this?


(Edit: That eBay item is a repro - again, you can tell from

the pin diameter (original was a smaller diameter).



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