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Customized Newman Cam

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I am currently driving a Kent 270 cam

Duration 270

Timing 37/63 73/27

Cam Lift 7.44mm


After about 4.200 the torque curve starts sloping down, max HP @ 5.355



I called Newman Cams and showed them this curve. They recommend

Duration 280

Timing 30/70/70/30

Cam Lift 7.36MM


So this is a PH2 with PH3 Cam Lift. It should increase the rev range at the top end and not loose any power at the bottom end.


Take a look at the Kent 280 version.




Should I get a customized Newman cam, or get the Kent 280 cam.

Any opinions?





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Just swapping the cam will always take somewhere power and add it elsewhere.

It is a typical advertising argument that you get something for free.


Only single runners like Weber DCOE or PI will ad power at the bottom and

at the top end!


So it is our task to catch some horses back if we swap to wilder cam!

Typically it is higher compression and perfect mixture of Lambda 0.90.

(or add some displacement to 2.700 for example)


The main figure for performance is when inlet closes, this affects power most.

Do not know if you have six throttle plates, if so I would take the 290 Bastuck.

Driving this for years I have no complaints and my engine performed from idle like

a Triject with Newman PH1 in direct comparison. Requires modified head and 10:1 CR.


Actually we prepare an engine with the Newman Tarmac.

Also a nice peace for performance!

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Hello Andreas,

first objective is to add more RPM at the backend. PH1 and TH12-6 do not really go beyond 5.500. No matter what their spec says.

So I opted for a 280 cam. Bastuck 290 is TH6-6. 290 may be little bit too much. I am just below 10:1 CR.



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