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Breathalyzers for France, anyone been asked to show them?

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White is one third of the French national Flag. The French flag was White when the country was ruled by Royalty but for most of the time since the revolution it has been the Tricolore. I can not ever see france returning to a Monarchy in the near future


The English Flag, however is white with the cross of Saint George superimposed on it






Yes, I have an interest in the peninsular wars, the House of Bourbon is a part of the history of the time


Something I am ignorant of is the origins of the 3 colours on the Tricolore.


The cross of St George is something we only tend to see at sporting events and right wing rallies, which is a great shame.


We share our brave Roman soldier with, Aragon, Catalonia, Ethiopia, Georgia, Greece, Lithuania, Palestine, Portugal, and Russia.


Aapparently the country Georgia is named after St. George.

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