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Hi All


I am currently putting together an article for the TRaction magazine on the ACN TR8's (not preaching to the converted but these were the approx. 150 TR8 pre-production cars that were, in the main, sent to North America for evaluation).


If anyone has one of these cars (please just the ones with the VIN starting ACN ...) then please drop me a line (drcsmith2@hotmail.com) .. it's not important if it is a box on parts in a garage or a concours one.


I do own a number of these TR8's, here is one of my favourites, a TR8 which never left the UK and was factory fitted with fuel injection ... known as 'Bumpy'


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Here's one in our local club (at least it was a year or two ago). Dunno the VIN, but they're gigantic images if one wants to click to open them.













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Hi Christopher


I had the owner of Pre-production TR8 MHP 404V contact me recently whilst I'm caretaking TR7/8 Register. From records only a total 22 RHD were ever built, so this car has historic value as it sister cars have, neither of the sister cars have been taxed or MOTd since 1984 (387V) & 1992 (396V) and we have no record of who owns those cars or where they are, does anyone on the forum know of them?



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MHP 387V is a US spec TR8,

MHP 396V is a UK TR7 with a V8 conversion.

MHP 404V is the first UK spec TR8 built at Canley. It was featured in the same episode of Top Gear as our cars in 2001. It was factory fitted with Spider trim.

It was bought from auction by the brother of WAC 272S, both cars went to the Isle of Man for many years.

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