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Hello All, one step forward, two steps back, a bit of a strange one, car carries on running after the ignition is switched off when the engine is racing (another problem), pulling the ignition lead from the coil stops it so for some reason, yet to be determined, the coil is being energized. The ignition switch is fine, I have tested a dozen times with my continuity tester and no signs of any issues. After mulling over my wiring diagram the only source of power I can see is from the alternator when the car is running, ie, alternator - ignition light - ignition switch contact/same contact to coil, could it be at low revs/low output will not bypass the ignition light so close that route whereas high revs/high output will get past the ignition light (it was lit, although dimly) when the ignition was switched off. As always, cheers, Andrew

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I think you are spot on there, The alternator is putting it's O/P 12-15V on one side of the IGN warning bulb, the other side goes to all the ignition powered devices - heater motor, wipers & of course the coil.


Test would be to run the engine, switch off, then turn on the wipers, & heater & see if the extra load stops the engine.



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