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NOS Amco 5004 - Sidescreen car Wind Wings for sale

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I have for sale a NOS pair of boxed AMCO 5004 wind wings made specifically for TR2/3/3A/3B in their original box. These are not the Chinese repro items and have the AMCO logo embossed on them.


Offered here first, before BST gets a dip, then they go on eBay.


AMCO as we all know is the US company that made and supplied parts & accessories to Triumph dealers in the USA when the cars were new.


The blurb about wind wings reads as follows.

Original Wind Wings offered by Triumph dealers during the 1950’s and 1960’s. These wind wings were installed as wind deflectors on the side of the windshield frames and attached to the chrome lip. Constructed of Plexiglass with chrome mounting hardware and secured with allen screws. No drilling required.


This is the items:- https://www.sportsandclassics.com/parts/triumph/rare-triumph-tr2-tr3-tr3a-tr3b-amco-wind-wings-5004/


GB £ 200.00 plus carriage.


Please PM me if interested.


Peter W

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Those wind wings linked in your original post don’t look exactly like the set I have, given to me by acquaintances who had a sidescreen in the day and found these left over. Mine are more triangular in shape as I recall and have different imprints. I wouldn’t be at all surpried if they evolved at AMCO and these are a later set than mine.


I’ll attach pix of the ones in my stuff in a few days.


Your asking price looks reasonable for NOS. Good luck with the sale.

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I recently bought a pair of Wind Wings from Rimmer which look exactly the same as Peters, down to the shape, hinges etc. They attach just the same via allen grub screws to the inner part of the windscreen frame. The plexiglass is 5mm diameter and the build standard is very good. They are made in Taiwan and marketed by Tourist Trophy - cost £62.



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The wind wings I have look nothing like the ones in the link I gave earlier - sorry about that


The squarer ones I see that the market offers I suspect are a mish-mash of the TR4-6 ones to suit sidescreen cars.

Thre items I have are a trapezoid shape with a curve outwards on the lower edge to avoid the scuttle.


Tourist Trophy is a Moss USA manufacture/sales brand.


I will post photos of what I have - sadly I have had to unpack them from their 50 year old tissue paper.

Instructions are included as is a socket key to install them.


Peter W

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